Intelliguide is a duty of care suite of products and services designed to inform travel managers and travelers of major global events that could impact and interrupt their travel.

Essential global intelligence covering destination and security

Organizations are currently faced with managing the impact of COVID-19 and this has made it essential for organizations to continue to ensure the safety and security of their business travelers. Intelliguide provides a manageable, cost-effective duty-of-care platform for travel managers and organizations that are committed to keeping global travelers safe, healthy, and informed about transformation disruptions. This system sends security and travel alerts to travelers via email, cell phone, or other mobile/web-enabled devices.

GoAlert subscriptions can be tailored to immediately notify travelers of high urgency events and can provide daily summaries of all relevant news. Information can also be sifted using IATA Airline codes to match critical alerts to traveler flights. The suite of security-alert products is customizable to meet your company's secure-travel needs and also has an API feed. 

The Intelliguide team has added many new Alert Tags to help you isolate key insights related to the coronavirus pandemic that include Government Information, Airline Disruptions, Travel Advisories and Restrictions.

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