Timothy Maxwell

Timothy Maxwell

Account Manager, STUDIO90

Timothy Maxwell Account Manager, STUDIO90

The education I have received in a few short years is vast and useful and something I can keep with me forever. Northstar encourages its employees to seek career and personal growth and they do that by instilling the importance of teamwork, friendship and support. This camaraderie is what keeps me motivated and inspired working at Northstar. I have felt nothing but encouraged and supported over the years and I am excited to see where my career at Northstar leads me next.

I have had many jobs and worked in many departments at Northstar and in each role I have felt supported and inspired. I have had wonderful mentors who have been incredibly hands on in making sure I not only understood my responsibilities but felt confident in doing so. My mentors quickly became friends and people I could trust and rely on. I have learned so much from them and continue to learn and grow. It is this strong community and support system that keeps me motivated and inspired working at Northstar.

My career started in digital media services with the email team. It was where I quickly realized camaraderie was the beating heart of success. As a new employee, I was warmly welcomed and had endless support from all my colleagues. My confidence in the workplace and skillset was boosted and I felt ready for more responsibility which is when I transitioned into campaign management. In my role as a campaign manager I absorbed infinite knowledge in everything related to digital ad trafficking as well as the ins and outs of effectively managing a digital advertising campaign. Once again, I had a very strong support system and always felt confident. Soon after I transitioned once more to Studio 90 as an account manager which is my current role at Northstar. In Studio 90 I have acquired another new skill set in nurturing and growing client relationships.

I feel very lucky to work for a company that encourages growth and supports all your career and personal endeavors. I don’t think I would have found this success anywhere else.