Shamim Patel

Shamim Patel

HR Business Partner, Human Resources UK

Shamim Patel HR Business Partner, Human Resources UK

Travel makes you modest as you see what a tiny space you occupy in the world. They say that all you need to be able to travel the world is a book, but when those pages spark an insatiable desire to experience firsthand the cultures and curiosities of those places, the only way to sate your longing is to go there.  Travelling the world enables us to absorb various cultures and experiences and provides us with life-long memories – something money cannot buy!

I have worked for Northstar for a little over 2 years and it took a few months before it all started to make sense, but once it did, and I became familiar with our various brands within the Travel industry, it was obvious that I was in the place I wanted to be! I love Travelling and the thought of exploring the world some day is what motivates me, every, single, day. 

I have travelled to a few different countries in my time but my faith in my religion, Islam, took me to Saudi Arabia with my parents for a spiritual journey. And the entire experience is something I had never felt before. I had these visions from listening to stories and experiences from others, but it wasn’t until I was ‘in it’ to experience it, is when I could truly relate and feel the connection. I remember encountering many challenges during our journey, I mean sleeping in an open field with thousands of people, my sleeping bag and the beautiful stars was just one of many. It is these memories that are never forgotten, not even the smallest of experiences, to tell the tale to my kids, today.         

Traveling to different places have exposed me to cultures, people, and food! It is these experiences in life that have driven the desire to be continually learning and understanding the world and people, something I try to harness within my day-to-day life. I enjoy working with people from different cultures as it’s exciting and liberating, so interacting with others is one of the beautiful perks of working within the HR field, and a career decision I am grateful for every day, fifteen years, and going strong!

Working for Northstar has made me understand and deeply appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into ensuring travellers have the best possible experience. Like most industries, we as consumers, reap the rewards of this hard work without acknowledging the skill and commitment that goes into building and maintaining a thriving industry. Since working at Northstar, I appreciate every process that has been developed to ensure trips are efficient, safe and fun!