Janice Perez

Janice Perez

Custom Content Editor - Northstar's Studio 90

Janice Perez Custom Content Editor - Northstar's Studio 90

As a Northstar employee for approximately 29 years, I have witnessed numerous fluctuations in the travel industry. With every challenge and shift, Northstar has adjusted with an attitude of creative innovation to serve the marketplace with valuable intel, and meaningful products and services. That’s what makes this company a great place to work. The culture is one that embraces change, encourages growth, and utilizes its people to make it happen. 

The people are the heartbeat of what makes this a special place to work. While company names have changed, many of the faces have not, which is reflective of Northstar’s ability to retain valuable employees and recognize their contributions. 

Within my tenure at Northstar, I have literally grown up in this culture. Only a few months after graduating college, I was offered a position as an editorial assistant with the Directories Group. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of working with various teams, establishing dear friendships, and learning valuable personal and professional lessons while having the freedom to flourish and mature. After I made a career change to pursue one of my lifelong aspirations several years ago, the opportunity arose to possibly work with some of these great colleagues again, and I couldn’t refuse. On my recent return, it was refreshing to see even greater tenacity from Northstar to maintain its high level of quality, relevance and innovation in the marketplace during the current crises within the travel industry and world at large. 

As part of the BIPOC community, it is essential for me to work for a company that is committed to equity and diversity on all levels. Northstar’s transparency in its quest to create an environment where everyone is valued is not only encouraging but inspiring as we work together to provide our readers and customers with the best information, products and services representative of the talented people who work here. I am proud to be counted among them again.