Northstar Travel Group Issues Statement on Racism and Diversity

Northstar Travel Group Issues Statement on Racism and Diversity



Thomas Kemp

Chairman & CEO

Northstar Travel Group

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Secaucus, New Jersey (June 2, 2020) – Northstar Travel Group today announced a statement on racism and diversity.   We condemn the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week. We all witnessed the horrific death of an unarmed and subdued black citizen. Unfortunately, this is not an unusual or unique event in the history of racism in America. More recently, the murder of Ahmaud Arbery and the blatant use of racism as a weapon by Amy Cooper, harshly remind us that we are so far from where we need to be as country and the principles of equality. There are countless examples that occur every day. The rules of our world appear to be different for white citizens and those of color, and until this inequity is resolved, none of us should remain silent.

We strongly support the First Amendment Rights of all the protestors around the country who are expressing their outrage at this string of murders and harassment of people of color in our country. However, at the same time, we implore that the violence and destruction that has been perpetrated by individuals discontinue. These acts hijack the legitimate and important message of peaceful protesters to reject and condemn systemic racism. 

We all need to learn from this and other unacceptable events by individuals of authority that we are better than this as a country. We all need to commit to diversity and inclusion at all levels to reject racism and violence against citizens of color in our country. We need to focus our energy on bringing our citizens together and reject the divisiveness of our world.

Northstar Travel Group is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion. Our Diversity and Inclusion committee has formalized the following mission statement:  

At Northstar Travel Group, we strive to create an environment of inclusion for all of our employees. We embrace, value and champion our employees’ diverse backgrounds and experiences that make them unique. We encourage our employees to be themselves in an environment where they can achieve self-fulfillment and contribute their best work. Through thoughtful conversation, education, empathy and practice we will continue to expand our inclusion and diversity efforts to ensure our company and our employees embrace diversity and varied points of view.

An important part of Northstar Travel Group’s mission is to foster transformation, inclusion and sustainability through global travel and connections with new cultures and to celebrate the diversity of our world. At no time has our mission been more important to transcend racism and break down divisiveness in our world than today.

We feel it is important to further the conversation. We need to be better than this. We will be better than this.

Thank you.

Thomas L. Kemp

Chairman and CEO of Northstar Travel Group


About Northstar Travel Group 

Northstar Travel Group is the leading B-to-B information and marketing solutions company serving all segments of the travel industry including leisure/retail, corporate/business travel, corporate and sports meetings, incentives, hospitality, and travel technology.

Northstar is the owner of leading brands serving these travel segments. The company produces more than 100 face-to-face events in 13 countries in retail travel, hospitality, corporate travel, travel technology, sports travel, and the meetings & incentive industry.  In addition, Northstar owns Phocuswright, the leading research, and event producer serving the travel technology industry. Northstar Travel Group owns the BHN Group, the leading producer of hotel investment conferences. 

Northstar is also the majority shareholder in Inntopia, the leading SaaS e-commerce software business serving the mountain destination, golf, activities, and hospitality markets.

Based in Secaucus, NJ, the company has 14 offices in the U.S., UK, Singapore, and China.  

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