• Intelliguide’s suite of products and services inform travel managers and the travelers they manage.

    Intelliguide is a Duty of Care suite of products and services designed to inform travel managers, and the travelers they manage of major global news events that could impact and interrupt their itineraries. Working around the clock, our dedicated editorial team extensively researches all events to provide up-to-the-minute news and information so you can make critical decisions.

    GoAlert delivers news alerts about incidents and weather conditions that impact via email.

    RSS GoAlert News
    NTM delivers the news headlines. GoAlert news is available via RSS for clients wanting to display these headlines on their own password-protected site or portal.

    Automate the GoAlert24 process, so that your travelers automatically receive reports and alerts based on the destinations and dates contained in their PNRs.

    Self-Enrollment Service (Self-Service)
    Self-Enrollment Service places the control for the delivery of GoAlerts into the hands of the travel manager.

    GoBase is a website that features comprehensive destination information that is geared toward the corporate travel market and the GoAlert news stories.