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    What hotel should travelers stay at in Milan? Which museums are open on Sundays? How can travel managers monitor events where key staff members are deployed? Northstar has been providing answers to some of travel’s most pressing questions for decades. Our data products and services provide up-to-date, relevant and contextual information about global destinations, accommodations and attractions. Our editors, reviewers, analysts and data experts deliver the most comprehensive and accurate data experiences in travel.

    Expert Data
  • Data & Content Licensing

    Northstar licensing offers customized business solutions to companies looking for high-quality travel content and increased online revenue. We have the world's largest, most accurate database of travel and hospitality information. This rich database offers savvy marketers the ability to strategically target their communications like never before.

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  • Digital Subscriptions

    Digital Subscriptions

    Our digital subscription products deliver hotel, destination and attraction data that seamlessly integrates the most essential and trusted travel information available. We provide travel agents, tour operators and travel site operators with full control of what information to send their clients, how to send it, and what to customize and store for future use. Northstar also provides travel managers with digital subscription products and services to help monitor news of global events about strikes, health risks and political turmoil that affect travelers’ itineraries helping to keep them secure and safe. Our products are designed to help travel professionals save time and, in turn, make more money.

  • Data Highlights

    Northstar's travel continually database includes constantly updated hotel and destination data that supports our complete portfolio of print and online products and services. The center of our database is geographic places, consisting of cities, islands, states, provinces and countries. The data is then augmented with travel-related information about those geographic places as well as travel news. Highlights include:

    • 225,000+ hotels around the world;
    • 100,000+ hotels around the world reviewed and classified using our consumer classification hotel rating system by our professional travel editors;
    • 10,000+ hotels have been visited and reviewed by STAR correspondents;
    • 98,000+ hotels with meeting facility information;
    • 225+ countries, many with in-depth profiles of information about the destination;
    • 240+ cities with in-depth profiles of information about the destination;
    • 36,000+ points of interest (restaurants, theaters, museums, zoos, parks, etc.);
    • 6,800+ airports with detailed information on each airport; and
    • 5,000+ ports of call with in-depth profiles of information about the destination

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    Data Highlights
  •  Discover the power

    Discover the power of data driven marketing

    Northstar Travel Group’s AudienceInsights is a high-quality best-in-industry audience database that features firmographic, demographic, proprietary engagement, and behavioral data. ​ 

    AudienceInsights captures and integrates actionable data points across all Northstar channels within the B2B travel, meeting, incentive & corporate travel industry.  

    With over one million unique profiles, AudienceInsights is the only searchable database in the travel industry that provides data-driven information to help you deliver your messaging to a highly targeted and engaged audience.

    Learn more about AudienceInsights.