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    More than 30% of all travel purchased in North America is booked through travel agents, and Phocuswright predicts channel revenue will grow into 2016. Consumers who book with agents take more trips per year, take longer trips per booking and spend more money each day than travelers who book through any other channel, according to Travel Weekly surveys. And today's travel advisor sells a diverse portfolio of products, including cruises, tours, lodging, destinations, air tickets and ground transportation. They are driving the success of global travel brands and services.

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    Our Audience

    Agencies large and small, online and brick-and-mortar, office and home-based, leisure and corporate - all turn to Northstar for market intelligence, product news and business acumen.

    The Northstar Audience continues to be the driving force in helping brands gain market share, improve profitability and establish market preference.

  • Retail Travel Agents will book over $112 Billion in US Bookings in 2015.

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    The Thought Leader's Source for Answers

    How has leisure travel changed in 2015? What are the hottest destinations? Which technologies are driving consumer behavior? No other company in the world delivers travel research, intelligence and insights on par with Northstar Travel Group. When the travel industry needs fuel for their strategic decisions, they turn to Northstar.

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    With over 2 million page-views monthly, outstanding email open rates and unrivaled content engagement, Northstar delivers the most robust suite of digital products serving the Travel Trade market.TravelWeekly.com and TravelAgeWest.com deliver the perfect blend of news, destination content, partner information and industry insights in mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.

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    In an industry bursting with beautiful images and breathtaking destinations, print publishing still has an impact. Advertisers continue to get great results from our print products because our readers are loyal, enthralled and engaged with our expert analysis, in-depth industry coverage and insightful opinion.