• Discover the power of data driven marketing

    Northstar Travel Group’s AudienceInsights is a high-quality best-in-industry audience database that features firmographic, demographic, proprietary engagement, and behavioral data. ​ 

    AudienceInsights captures and integrates actionable data points across all Northstar channels within the B2B travel, meeting, incentive & corporate travel industry.  

    With over one million unique profiles, AudienceInsights is the only searchable database in the travel industry that provides data-driven information to help you deliver your messaging to a highly targeted and engaged audience.

    Discover the power of data driven marketing
  • The information and intelligence you need to identify, target, and engage with your audiences

  • Discover new and innovative ways to maximize your ROI:

    • Identify the right audience for your message with segmenting by demographic, behavioral, geography or media preference
    • Create new marketing initiatives that drive long-term campaigns based on engagement such as opens, clicks, topics viewed, etc.  
    • Develop new products based on media behavior and preferences
    • Drive highly-targeted leads to your website
    • Find pre-qualified leads for telemarketing programs

    Discover new and innovative