The Power of Great Content

Great content connects audiences and drives an emotional response that spurs investigation and discovery. Whether it's a news article, opinion piece, research study or marketing program, audiences respond to integrity, authenticity and compelling language. Northstar content professionals are the most highly respected creative minds in the industry. Our teams of editors, journalists, videographers and educators have extensive industry knowledge, a multi platform mindset for content creation and jaw dropping talent.

The Power of Great Content


Words matter, online, in-print in recorded interviews. Great business journalism is essential to building trust with powerful audiences. Northstar brands have a track record of over 100 years of journalism excellence. Our breaking news, in-depth interviews and featured reporting set the standard for the travel industry.

Robust Opinion

Being the industry authority means you have to be willing to take a stand, point out right and wrong to hold the industry accountable. Our opinion pieces seek to champion the success of the travel industry. We challenge poor government regulations, encourage best practices, champion innovation and criticize poor ethics. We are unflinchingly committed to being the trusted voice of the travel industry.

Rich and Engaging Media

With an industry blessed with beautiful settings and audiences embracing web based and mobile content, creating compelling rich media experiences is a competitive imperative. Northstar has invested millions in strategizing, producing and delivering rich content experiences for our audiences, partners and advertisers. We utilize our rich media content across our family of sites, webinars and education platforms.

Native and Noticed

Audiences don’t dislike sponsored content, they dislike irrelevant, biased and poorly written content. Northstar partners with our sponsors and advertisers to create engaging content that speaks directly to our audiences and provides clear and concise content that compels exploration and consideration.

Have you built your content supply chain?

Custom content should not be defined by deliverables. (web copy, white paper, video, etc.) Custom content is a key strategy, an effective engagement platform, a path to audience engagement. Some of the world's top brands have partnered with Northstar to map their custom content to their customer journey, ensuring that prospects, customers and partners get the perfect content at the most opportune moment.