Inntopia connects lodging, ticketing, and other software systems into one-stop shopping, automated marketing, and powerful business intelligence. 

Headquartered in Stowe, Vermont, Inntopia sells three core products—Commerce, Marketing Cloud, and Business Intelligence.

Inntopia Marketing Cloud is a one-stop CRM platform that turns customer data into more revenue, better guest experiences, and higher ROI. It does this by connecting to revenue-generating software platforms to create a central customer insight dashboard that aggregates data from lodging, lift tickets, retail, social media profiles, and past marketing campaigns. This dashboard makes it easy to develop custom, personalized, and automated marketing that has been proven to increase conversion rates, return visitation, and revenue at hundreds of the world’s top resorts and destination travel resellers.

True One-Cart Booking

Give your guests the ability to dynamically build and book an entire vacation in a single, seamless transaction.

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Turn Guest Data into Revenue

The best CRM and email automation technology in hospitality backed by experienced, high-touch support to drive incredible ROI.

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