Diversity & Inclusion


Travel by its nature is the act of visiting new and unfamiliar places, cultures and peoples. Our industry is built upon the notion of experiencing things outside of our own norm. It's the interaction with diversity that makes travel so transformational. That's why we view diversity and inclusion as a guiding principle for our organization and one in which we strive to foster within our employees, practices, partnerships, and communities.

As a company that works hand-in-hand with individuals in countless countries, with varying beliefs, languages and ethnicities, we demonstrate a commitment to grow and develop a workplace that encourages diversity of background, thought, and perspective.

By embracing talented individuals and empowered employees who possess perspectives that provide innovative solutions and market-wide success, we can be a part of the change the world needs to continue to evolve.

Commitment & Action

Northstar's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee empowers internal (recruitment), external (community), products/events, along with efforts and initiatives to fuel traction and changes in these areas.


Northstar is committed to increasing Black representation at events for both speakers and attendees. We also strive to develop intercultural sensitivity, while continuing to bridge the gap between recruiters and candidates within the travel industry.

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