María Antonieta (TONI) Aguirre

María Antonieta (TONI) Aguirre

Director of Sales - TravelPulse

María Antonieta (TONI) Aguirre Director of Sales - TravelPulse

All travel experiences have marked my life in different ways. I traveled in my mother’s womb, and my father’s army career took us all over the world. He would always say, “let´s have our toothbrush always ready, because we never know where we´ll be next.” Experiencing various cultures while living and working abroad has not only afforded me the advantage of being bilingual, but also bi-and tri-cultural. I refer to myself as being a “citizen of the world,” for if I yearn for places that I miss, I cannot enjoy the wonders of the place where my feet are planted today.

I did not gain a passion for travel, but rather was born into it. It actually began long before me with my ancestors having traveled themselves from other continents to land in the place I am originally from. I myself began traveling when I was in my mother’s womb, and I was born in a different country. As an army brat, I was immersed in various cultures, languages and traditions throughout my childhood, allowing me to become adaptable and capable of making connections wherever I went, leading me easily into the travel industry.

I hold a BA in Management by Escuela Superior de Administración de Instituciones E.S.D.A.I. in Mexico City and a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) course in Hotel Management by Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y.  My acquired bilingual and bicultural skills allowed me not only to have held key positions in the international areas of Mexican private and public sectors, but also understand doing business with Mexico and Latin American countries, among others. 

The passion for travel continued into my adult life, and I have lived and traveled extensively throughout Mexico, the U.S., Canada, the UK and Europe during my 33+ year career in the travel industry. 

Working at Northstar provides me the capability of sharing the messages of amazing wonders of a destination and diverse offerings a supplier has with travel advisors, the industry and consumers alike, through amazing tools like TravelPulse, the most read travel website in the world.

The experience and my passion for the travel industry, has expanded my knowledge of products and how to give our clients measurable results on telling their story. This career and working for such an amazing brand, allows me to continue building relationships, and making friends around the globe with whom I continue to keep in touch with thanks to the beauty of technology and air connectivity, which is now more than ever, accessible to all.