Karin Lyn Gosselin

Karin Lyn Gosselin

Product Owner, Inntopia

Karin Lyn Gosselin Product Owner, Inntopia

I feel successful at Northstar Travel Group because I have found a family that shares my professional outlook of energy, positivity, life-long learning, Partner-first mentality and appreciation of each other. The company is willing to blend their needs with my career aspirations; just because my title is Product Owner, I’m not pigeon-holed into just that box. 

Within my first week at Inntopia, our CEO met with me and encouraged me to take on one of our most important clients and go on a site visit.  Wow – what a great professional boost to 1. be known to the CEO in my first week and 2.  be given the immediate respect to know that I was up to the task.  This began a growth journey for me as well as with our relationship with one of the largest ski resorts in North America.  We now handle over 10 resorts for this client and I continue to be the facilitator of the relationship.

As I was growing in the Strategic Account Manager role, I was also witnessing the birth of the agile methodology within our engineering team.  What a change!  There was an immediate increase in communication and collaboration not only within engineering but with other departments and our partners.  I had  a front row seat to watch the Agile magic (results, respect and interaction) blossom.  This experience proved exciting and paved the path of my own further development.

About two years ago, a position opened up in engineering as a Product Owner – perfect fit!  The Product Owner role is to represent the partner or stakeholders to the development team and keep the team organized and focused on those incremental tasks as opposed to a larger picture.

I am so excited that I have the opportunity to find my place within this company, and that the management team was willing to work with me, and provide professional development to ensure my success.  Every day I find an opportunity to collaborate, problem solve, increase efficacy of the team  and make the day better for a partner and/or a colleague.  I genuinely smile every time I discuss my job with my network.