AXUS Travel App Platform Integrates Luggage Free to Streamline the Purchase and Use of Shipping Luggage Worldwide

AXUS Travel App Platform Integrates Luggage Free to Streamline the Purchase and Use of Shipping Luggage Worldwide



Greg Wilshire

Business Development Director

Northstar Travel Group


Justin Metzi

Director of Marketing

Luggage Free



Secaucus, New Jersey (July 13, 2021) – Northstar Travel Group announced today that AXUS, its premier itinerary building and collaboration system for travel planners and tour operators, has now integrated the functionality to add luggage shipping details, quotes, and an automated commission workflow for users working with Luggage Free. The service allows travel advisors and their clients to ship their luggage and sporting equipment domestically and internationally with worry-free assurance. 

This newest enhancement to the AXUS platform has expanded functionality by partnering with Luggage Free to provide travel advisors a quick way to import information directly onto the AXUS itineraries while also providing the ability for advisors to send automated emails that can be used as an effortless commission revenue stream.

When the advisor secures luggage shipping accommodations, the information can be quickly imported into AXUS using just the order number. This new enhanced functionality makes Luggage Free the top choice for luggage shipping inside of the AXUS platform. In addition to adding booking information and receiving quotes for shipping luggage within AXUS, advisors can now use an automated function that directly emails individual travelers. This enhancement gives travelers the flexibility to purchase while providing travel planners the ability to earn commission on any shipping services booked.

"We are excited to be providing this integration to our subscribers," said Sheila Rice, SVP of Information Products Group at Northstar. "The ability to link Luggage Free directly on the platform and quickly generate a quote continues to make AXUS the premier automated travel workflow platform. Most of all, this partnership allows advisors to earn a commission easily." This integration is in line with the mission of AXUS and Luggage Free to provide swift and high-touch service while ensuring the travel planner is easily able to provide worry-free travel accommodations for their respective travel clients. 

"Together, AXUS and Luggage Free give travel advisors an edge in travel planning and continue to provide the white-glove service expected of a luxury travel experience," said Nicholas Coleman, CEO for Luggage Free. "Core to our services is that we work hard so that travel planners and their clients can experience travel in a hassle-free manner."

About AXUS

AXUS automates itinerary creation and delivers a content-rich, interactive mobile itinerary, so travel advisors and tour operators can devote more time to selling travel and building stronger relationships with clients. Learn more at

About Luggage Free

Founded in 2003, Luggage Free is the world's premier white-glove luggage shipping service dedicated to creating a safe and hassle-free travel experience. Luggage Free provides domestic and international service to 180 countries worldwide, utilizing dependable shipping networks such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

Having shipped more than two million bags globally, Luggage Free's global network of highly experienced staff prepares each shipment for success with preemptive reviews of each package to avoid potential delays in customs or other complications before they happen, including proactive weather routing. Learn more at


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